October 29, 2008

Chico Wedding Photography- Trash the dress- Steph again!

This is the 3rd time I have Trashed Stephanie's wedding dress. The first time I took her into the studio and put makeup on her and tied her up in rope. The second time I took her to the river and got the dress soaking wet. And this time I took her to the Butte College fire academy. I was using a fill flash and a gold and silver reflector to create some beautiful lighting. I hope you all enjoy.

This 1st image I had to put up just because the look she is giving me is hilarious. Steph is so great at putting up with some of the positions I tell her to pose in. So this look signifies all of the next.









October 25, 2008

Chico Wedding Photography- Trash the dress- Steph Teased!

So last Friday A group of photographers and I took the lovely Stephanie to what we call "the burn building" and did a "Trash the Dress" photo session. Trash the dress is a new thing a lot of people are doing with their wedding dresses after the wedding. Going in the water wearing the dress is the most popular form of trashing the dress. But this session consisted of a rugged burnt building, an old broken down bus, a water tower and a few other fun things. For now here is a preview of the burn building. I love the colors this building pulls through in the post processing. Very contrasting to the white wedding dress. I hope you enjoy and the rest will be up soon!!


October 21, 2008

Chico Photography- Senior Portrait- Paige

Here she is The beautiful senior, Paige. These photos were all so much fun to work with. For several reasons: 1) the subject 2) the plane was just gorgeous and gave me some wonderful color and 3) the sky was amazing and with my new PhotoShop plugin Topaz, I just could not stop playing with all of the images. Those of you photographers that have not heard of Topaz its worth checking out. Well I hope you enjoy!




These two images were taken in the orchards right by where the plane was located.



This image is Paige with her Friend Shannon. They are both on the Pleasant Valley field hockey team.


October 19, 2008

Chico Photography- Senior Portrait- Paige's Tease

Here is a sample of Paige's senior photos. Taken last Friday at Ranchero Airport in Chico.


I will post more soon!