May 13, 2009

Eureka I

So as you all know I recently went on a little "vaca" to Eureka. I went with about 25 other photography students from Butte College. It is actually a class offered out at Butte College called Photo Field. The class is taught by the wonderful Clancy Gherke. There were about 25 students but primarily a group of us stuck together. Me, Sean, Vinny, Kim, and Katie managed to find our way around the hippie streets of Eureka. It was an amazing Adventure I will never forget.

This 1st post focuses on our 1st stop. The Blue Ox mill. All of these images are HDR images. Which is, as mentioned in previous posts, taking multiple images at different exposure and merging them together later in an HDR program. Here is the 1st set of images from my trip. I have more to come!







May 7, 2009

Chico Band Photography- Armed for Apocalypse III

yet again....
Ok, so these guys asked me to come back out to their studio to take some more promo pictures for them. And of course the only day of the week I can come out there and all four of them could be there it decided to rain. BUT we were not afraid of the rain. I wrapped my camera in a plastic baggy and made a little peep whole for the view finder and my display screen. Sure enough I got a few group shots that I really like. The rain added for an interesting effect and created some very easy lighting to work in:)

Same as before here is there myspace music page. They have a new song or two up. They are hitting Chico pretty hard right now, so if you feel up to a loud, metal concert keep your ears open for Armed for Apocalypse!!

Armed for apocalypse



May 1, 2009

Chico, Ca. Wedding Photography- Julie and Jesse Vandegriff

I shot this wedding a few weekends ago at Centerville Estates here in Chico. My assistant was Vinny, for those of you who don't know him, should. He is an amazing photographer and very good friend of mine. To quote Vinny, "I've never witnessed a couple who were so calm, so very normal in their life, and yet who are so undeniably, irrefutably in love with one another that that connection was visible not only to me, but through the lens of my camera. The connection I saw with these two was one of the most beautiful events I've ever witnessed." Thank you Julie and Jesse for allowing us to be apart of your amazing day.

Here are a few of my favorite romantics:




The boys had us meet them at Rileys, downtown chico, I was happy with the results of this image.


From Rileys we went to the traintracks, also downtown Chico area.


This was what Jesse called their Gag shot. All the boys are Giant's fans except for the best man...


Just before the Beautiful bride puts her dress on...


And here she is, the beautiful Bride, Julie.