May 7, 2009

Chico Band Photography- Armed for Apocalypse III

yet again....
Ok, so these guys asked me to come back out to their studio to take some more promo pictures for them. And of course the only day of the week I can come out there and all four of them could be there it decided to rain. BUT we were not afraid of the rain. I wrapped my camera in a plastic baggy and made a little peep whole for the view finder and my display screen. Sure enough I got a few group shots that I really like. The rain added for an interesting effect and created some very easy lighting to work in:)

Same as before here is there myspace music page. They have a new song or two up. They are hitting Chico pretty hard right now, so if you feel up to a loud, metal concert keep your ears open for Armed for Apocalypse!!

Armed for apocalypse



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