June 30, 2009

Tara's Challenge

For those of you that are Chico Locals, you might have heard about the Chico Challenge. Well, My lovely roomie Tara is participating in this challenge. Those of you that know Tara know that this is the perfect thing for her to be doing. One challenge was to Make-Out in public, and another challenge was to sing in public. Here they are challenges completed.





June 9, 2009

Chico Pet Photography- Baylee and Cabo Wabo

Last weekend we went to Calpine, Ca... to work, relax, hike, hot tub, drink wine and of course play with the doggies. I just love both of these dogs. They are so different in personality. Baylee is more reserved and calm, very decisive in who she trusts. And then there is Cabo, just a puppy, Loves everyone and everything. He is one Ball of FIRE.

Here are just a few pics of them. Yes I had to play with them in PhotoShop, because that is how I roll:)

Meet Cabo Wabo:


and Meet Baylee:

June 7, 2009

Wedding Photography- Chico, Ca- Meghan Fully Trashed

As promised here are more images from the Trash the Dress session with Meghan out in Capay. I hope you enjoy the post processing on these images. I was trying some new techniques on a few of them. I am finally back on track and all caught up on my blog... Enjoy Meghan Trashed!







June 2, 2009

Chico Wedding Photography- Meghan Trash The Dress

I am just about back on track with my blog. I am actually able to show a TEASE to a recent photo shoot. I put together this shoot last Friday because I really enjoy trash the dress sessions. The photo shoot took place out on Erica's farm (last post) in Capay District. But this particular image is from the Washout on the Sacramento River. The dress should look familiar, as it is Stephanies dress. Lucky for me she said I could use it for other models. And even more lucky for me, the beautiful Meghan fits perfectly into the dress. Meghan has been modeling for several years now, and she has an account on Model Mayhem. She is amazing to work with and takes directions beautifully. I am happy to say, "here is the TEASE from this photo shoot."


June 1, 2009

Chico Event Photography- Ericas Party

About 2 weeks ago, I went with T to her friend Erica's party. The party was a celebration of life for her father who had passed away last year. The party was a lot of fun, but not the best photographic opportunity. Most of my photos were candids of people hugging and talking which is fun, but not what I like to show my followers. I got to take a few posed images, and when I say a few, I mean like 5 and I only like 2 of them.

Here is an image of one of the little girls that was running around, I was able to slow her down for just a few minutes to pose for a picture with me.


This is Big Tony and Little Tony. Father and Son, after watching them the entire day you could see how similar they were.


And these two guys were playing all day in the barn, in the sun. This image is sorta a cliche for a country band...


I might have more from this day later.... But this is me trying to catch up on all my entries.

Eureka III

Well the 3rd day of our Eureka trip didn't actually take place in Eureka. We decided on our way home to stop at Sundial Bridge in Redding, Ca. Again when you have shot a place so many times, you have to look for something new to shoot. Oh and I was out of Macro Mode on this last day...





Eureka II

My computer was down for about a week.... and Oh boy was I going threw withdrawals. But I Lucky for me the computer issue was nothing too severe and ultimately it didn't cost me anything to fix. But during the time I did not have my computer I was forced to fall behind on a few things in my life. One of them being this blog. I have not been able to feed the monster:( So today I am going to spend most of the day catching up.

Now to go back over a month ago to my Eureka trip. Day two of the trip we found ourselves in Fern Gully (fern canyon...) I was using my friend Dons macro lens for this entire day. the lens is 100mm Prime f/2.8. This day was dedicated to me attempting to shoot macro photography, which is not nearly as easy as I thought it was. After Fern Gully we went over to Agate Beach. Again I was using Dons macro lens. But I was so busy finding ALL the Agates I didn't really take many pictures. The one of the feather is my favorite from this day and possibly the entire trip.

Day 2: My Macro Experience:)