June 2, 2009

Chico Wedding Photography- Meghan Trash The Dress

I am just about back on track with my blog. I am actually able to show a TEASE to a recent photo shoot. I put together this shoot last Friday because I really enjoy trash the dress sessions. The photo shoot took place out on Erica's farm (last post) in Capay District. But this particular image is from the Washout on the Sacramento River. The dress should look familiar, as it is Stephanies dress. Lucky for me she said I could use it for other models. And even more lucky for me, the beautiful Meghan fits perfectly into the dress. Meghan has been modeling for several years now, and she has an account on Model Mayhem. She is amazing to work with and takes directions beautifully. I am happy to say, "here is the TEASE from this photo shoot."


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