June 1, 2009

Chico Event Photography- Ericas Party

About 2 weeks ago, I went with T to her friend Erica's party. The party was a celebration of life for her father who had passed away last year. The party was a lot of fun, but not the best photographic opportunity. Most of my photos were candids of people hugging and talking which is fun, but not what I like to show my followers. I got to take a few posed images, and when I say a few, I mean like 5 and I only like 2 of them.

Here is an image of one of the little girls that was running around, I was able to slow her down for just a few minutes to pose for a picture with me.


This is Big Tony and Little Tony. Father and Son, after watching them the entire day you could see how similar they were.


And these two guys were playing all day in the barn, in the sun. This image is sorta a cliche for a country band...


I might have more from this day later.... But this is me trying to catch up on all my entries.

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