September 14, 2009

Chico Photogrpahy- Evolve Clothing- Oroville Ca

A few weeks ago I got the privilege to shoot pictures for the New and Wonderful clothing store, Evolve, Located in Oroville, CA. Be sure and check out Evolves Myspace page and stop in and say hi to the owner, she is amazing.
The myspace page can be found HERE
You all should recognize the Beautiful model, Ashlee or as her modeling name states Vallon. This was a very fun photo shoot, 4 hours with several different outfit changes and different locations.







Oh and you ask, "who is the male model?" His name is Josh, this was his first time modeling and he was a pleasure to work with. Some people are naturals and he was one of them. Thank you Josh! I hope to work with you again soon:)




ALL clothing and accessories can be found at Evolve Clothing!! Except the Puppy. The puppy is Angel and she is Ashlee's (cute isn't she?)

AND of course Thank you to the ever wonderful Vinnie. (I bet you thought I forgot you, didn't you?)

September 3, 2009

Chico Photography- Model Session- Edly Finals

Usually I like to build the anticipation and make everyone wait longer before I put up more photos after a tease. But because I got such a great response from the last image I wanted to hurry up with the rest. Plus I am going out of town this weekend to a place where there will be no internet.... SO that would mean I would not be able to put more images up until Monday night. I figured I better do it before I left town.

I hope everyone enjoys these and has a safe a wonderful Labor Day weekend.





September 2, 2009

Chico Photography- Model Session-Edly Tease

It seems to me that with each and every Model Mayhem shoot that I do I am turning around with my NEW favorite image of all time. Vallon you have been replaced, well maybe it is a tie. LOL. Thank you so much Edly, you are beautiful and you did such a good job on this shoot. I will have a lot more images to come soon. I hope you like this one.


Oh and of course Thanks to Vinnie again for being the wonderful assistant that he is.