April 13, 2010

Chico, Ca. Senior Portrait Photography- Mira in Wonderland

Mira, a fellow student in Mike Agliolo's Photo Studio Class at Butte college, had asked me to shoot her high school senior portraits for her. Being interested in the arts as well she wanted fun images of herself and who she is. Mira, is a fan of Alice in Wonderland. She has read many of the books, and has watched a lot of the movies including some foreign films. I brought a mirror to play with reflections and Mira brought her cat ears. This shoot was slightly different than a normal senior portrait session. I had such a blast! Thanks Mira for the fun photo session, I think we got some really neat photos!!







April 10, 2010

Chico, Ca. Wedding Photography- Creative Wedding Dress Session

About a week ago I had decided to get a small group of photographers together for a fun photo shoot up on Table Mountain in Oroville, CA. The Goal was to catch the weather at it's most moody point. I had already been talking to Trisha, the model and also a fellow photographer about the shoot so she was ready for whatever the weather had to offer us. With luck we picked the perfect day!


April 6, 2010

Chico Pet Portrait Photography- Kiley and Hallie

Last week my friend Kiley and I had decided to retake photos of her and her dog, Hallie. I shot pictures of the two of them when Hallie was just a puppy. Together we decided we wanted to head up to table mountain in hopes that some flowers would be in bloom and we would get some nice weather and a wide open blue sky. Sure enough, there were yellow blankets of flowers and the weather was cloudy out.

Being a Lab, Hallie had a lot of energy, so we played "chuck it" with her until she sort of calmed down. After playing "chuck it" and treating Hallie to some doggie snacks we were able to get the attention of the high energy dog.





To see Hallie as a puppy, view them Here.