June 1, 2009

Eureka II

My computer was down for about a week.... and Oh boy was I going threw withdrawals. But I Lucky for me the computer issue was nothing too severe and ultimately it didn't cost me anything to fix. But during the time I did not have my computer I was forced to fall behind on a few things in my life. One of them being this blog. I have not been able to feed the monster:( So today I am going to spend most of the day catching up.

Now to go back over a month ago to my Eureka trip. Day two of the trip we found ourselves in Fern Gully (fern canyon...) I was using my friend Dons macro lens for this entire day. the lens is 100mm Prime f/2.8. This day was dedicated to me attempting to shoot macro photography, which is not nearly as easy as I thought it was. After Fern Gully we went over to Agate Beach. Again I was using Dons macro lens. But I was so busy finding ALL the Agates I didn't really take many pictures. The one of the feather is my favorite from this day and possibly the entire trip.

Day 2: My Macro Experience:)





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