May 13, 2009

Eureka I

So as you all know I recently went on a little "vaca" to Eureka. I went with about 25 other photography students from Butte College. It is actually a class offered out at Butte College called Photo Field. The class is taught by the wonderful Clancy Gherke. There were about 25 students but primarily a group of us stuck together. Me, Sean, Vinny, Kim, and Katie managed to find our way around the hippie streets of Eureka. It was an amazing Adventure I will never forget.

This 1st post focuses on our 1st stop. The Blue Ox mill. All of these images are HDR images. Which is, as mentioned in previous posts, taking multiple images at different exposure and merging them together later in an HDR program. Here is the 1st set of images from my trip. I have more to come!







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