April 5, 2009

Chico Photography- Model Session- Hot Stephanie

So this last Friday was an AMAZING photo shoot, with the Friday studio class out at Butte College. How this shoot went was, RickyD brought out his gorgeous custom motorcycle. We decided to shoot in the welding shop with the studio lights and power packs. And grabbed two of the welding students and got them to shoot sparks up behind Stephanie. This set up was so HOT, that Michael actually wanted to take pictures. Those that know Michael, knows that he never wants to take pictures. So since he was the lead photographer, Stephanie was mostly looking into his camera, and the lights would sync with his camera. My goal as a shooter, in hopes to get one good shot, was shoot as fast as I could, just so I could get one maybe two images that were taken at the same time that the lights flashed. And so here you have it.

I wanted to show the before and after on this image, just to show how far I took it. Please if anyone has any constructive criticism fire away. I am still not sure if I am fully happy with the enhancements.

So here it is... Everyone, meet Stephanie....



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