October 12, 2009

Chico Portrait Photography- Portrait Demo, Butte College, Oroville

Just over a week ago I was asked to participate in a portrait lesson out at Butte College, Oroville Ca. We broke up into groups and I took about 5 students in mine and showed them how to work with natural sun light to make an effective portrait. And how to use a reflectors in an outdoor portrait session. Here are a few images I was very happy with.

You should be familiar with this model... The beautiful Ashlee, Thank you again Ashlee! I know you have been waiting to see a few of these;)



This beautiful face is Komika, I loved her glasses with the background. She is a photographer in the class and I used her as a model.


And this is Cindy,very pretty as well. She is also a photographer in the class and a natural in front of the camera.


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