December 14, 2009

Chico Pet Photography- Portraits with your Horses

A few weeks ago I helped set up an event at my really good friend Tammy's horse stables. They event was titled "Pictures with your horses". This was an opportunity for all of her clients to get portraits of them with there horses. All the clients got really into the event and brought antlers for their kids to wear and poinsettia wreaths for around the horses necks.

Also I had two wonderful assistants at this event, Vinnie (whos work can be found HERE) and Don (work found Here). I would not have been able to do this without either of them. Vinnie, the ever wonderful and faithful reflector or second shooter boy, was as always right there when I needed him. And the Amazing, Don was set free to take wild action photos of the girls riding there horses. It was a Great event and I am lucky to have such wonderful assistants who made everything possible. Thank you Guys!!

Check out the entire event at
Username: Portraits and Horses
Password: 24973







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