November 11, 2010

Family Portrait Photography- Bidwell Mansion, Chico, Ca.- Riley and Andersen

Here are the rest of the images from the shoot with Riley and Andersen. I had so much fun with these little ones. The mansion really made for a beautiful backdrop as well as the golden light from the morning sun. Right now is the perfect time to get family portraits done, right before the holidays!

This first image is of Riley, I brought a string of pearls for her to wear and play with.


Andersen just loved the suitcase and wanted to take a picture by himself and the suitcase. He approved this image by picking it out from the whole set out of the display screen on the back of the camera.


Both kids just loved all the trees, they ran from tree to tree and I followed waiting for the perfect look.




Here is one of the most familiar and beautiful benches in Chico. Riley called the pathway that leads up the bench "the secret pathway". The bench reminds me of a classic movie, "The Secret Garden". So, "the secret pathway" led us to these next images.



Here the kids are playing around on the columns of the mansion.



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  1. Love the pic with the suitcase, and love the one on the bridge -T