August 25, 2011

Jen and Travis Engagement Session- Honey Run Covered Bridge, Chico, CA.

I can not stress how lucky I am to have such awesome clients. Jen and Travis are both outdoors enthusiasts: they spend their free time fishing, camping, bike riding, hiking, and they enjoy these activities with the company of their Black Lab, Shasta. When Jen and I met for the wedding consultation our initial plan was to go with a fly fishing engagement session, but as the date got closer they realized they didn't have all the right gear for that type of fishing e-session. I told them we would play it by ear and to bring all sorts of outdoor gear to our photo session.

We met at the Honey Run Covered Bridge in Chico, CA later in the afternoon so we could end our photo shoot with that low, warm sunset light. We started out the session with a little fishing along Butte Creek. When I had heard we wouldn't be fly fishing I went on a mission to find some kind of fish to use as a prop. A few days before I was lucky enough to find a plush fish at The Dollar Store. Score! The plan was to hook it onto the end of the fishing line but eventually the fish caught the engagement ring.

Honey Run Covered Bridge is such a great place for a photo session. Because there are plenty of beautiful trees, we were able to take traditional style photos with beautiful green backgrounds. The covered bridge itself allows for some different fun and creative images, plus we had no problem letting their dog Shasta out of the truck for some photos. She was so full of energy but very well behaved so it made it easy to get a few shots of the the three of them.

For our last part of the engagement session, we were thinking bikes. We took a few bike shots at Honey Run, then I decided we would relocate. I recently noticed a new large bike chain-link entrance at the front of a bike trail and thought it would make for a fun spot to take some photos of the couple. I was right! The evening glow ended our engagement session and the final location surprised us with a rock wall and a fence. Plus Travis really started getting into the Engagement Session by poppin' some wheelies!

Thanks Jen and Travis so much for the wonderful engagement session, I am super excited for your wedding day.














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