August 19, 2012

Charise & Cody's Wedding Day - White Ranch Events, Chico CA.

One great thing about doing an engagement session is having professional photos to display and use creatively on your wedding day. The day I took Charise and Cody's engagement photos they knew they were going to want to hang up signs pointing the way to their wedding site. Their venue is sorta out in the middle of nowhere, on the North end of Chico, and having signs lead the way was a great idea. Just as I was arriving to the venue I happened to catch Father of the Bride finishing putting up all the signs. I was so excited to see the 20x30 posters from our engagement session - they really looked great!

Charise and Cody were joined by their closest friends and family for a lovely July wedding at White Ranch Events in Chico, CA. The bride having both a "maid of honor" and a "man of honor" was just a prelude to how fun this group would be. The bridesmaids wore lovely knee-length fuchsia dresses, each designed to their own style. The groom and his men wore all black but the groomsmen donned striking fuchsia ties that matched the bridesmaids dresses and Cody had a white tie matching his black and white shoes. The flowers were bright, warm pinks and oranges that just screamed, "Summertime!"

Although the wedding day happened to fall on one of the hottest days in Chico this year, a few creative solutions helped make the event a huge success. Guests were given complimentary ice-cold water, packets of sun screen and paper fans upon arrival to the ceremony site and the reception area was cooled by a team of large fans equipped with industrial misters. Another nice touch to make the guests comfortable was a "flip-flop dance shoe station." Guests were encouraged to take of their dress shoes and slip on a complimentary pair of flip-flops for a more comfortable dancing experience.

The entire morning before the ceremony we were all about having fun capturing creative photos of the bridal party. Come time for the ceremony everyone was filled with excitement and joy. The ceremony consisted of a few traditions that really made for a touching union of the couple. A word from the bible was spoken by the bride's grandfather, bringing tears to his eyes. As well as the traditional Unity Sand Ceremony, where both mother of the bride and mother of the groom pour sand into a vase, then the bride and groom pour sand into the same vase. During the ceremony, as the sand was being poured, the bride's father (on piano) and brother sang a lovely, touching song. The ceremony was truly touching, witnessing Charise and Cody become husband and wife.

White Ranch Events is a photography-friendly place for a wedding. There are quite a few spots on the property to set up photos including a pond with a gazebo, willow trees, flower gardens, archways, and even a couple of donkeys. As the sun went down and the hot day turned to cool night, the venue lit up with white Christmas lights and deftly placed accent lighting.

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Charise & Cody. Here are some favorite images from your wedding day.

























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