February 28, 2011

Chico, Ca. Wedding Photograper- Jessica and Benny's Engagement Session

When I initially meet with my clients one of the major goals is to really get an idea of who they are. Doing this helps me come up with unique ideas to bring those traits out in our photo shoot. When I met with Jessica and Benny back in November, I had mentioned how I wanted to photograph a couple at the Honey Run Covered Bridge, in between Chico and Paradise. Jessica got the biggest smile on her face and proceeded to tell me how she and Benny used to take drives up Honey Run Road all the way to Paradise and that it had special meaning to them. With that, the main location was picked out.

After talking to Jessica on the phone a few times we came up with a pretty fun-filled day of engagement photos. Because Jessica is a 49ers fan and Benny is a Cowboy's fan, we had to play a little football. Additionally, I was also very excited for a giraffe umbrella (which turned out to be a tiger) and we needed some "Save The Date" photos so we decided to have some fun with chalk!

The long-anticipated engagement session of Jessica and Benny was so much fun and well worth the wait. Thanks Jessica and Benny, I had so much fun and can't wait to share your wedding day with you.












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  1. Great photos, you capture the emotions of your subject here... and it showing on all photos how they love each other. Great!

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