March 13, 2011

Rachael & Ryan's Snowy Engagement Session at Boreal Resort

Now is the time to introduce Rachael and Ryan. Rachael is an old friend from my home town, Truckee Ca. When I saw that ring on her finger I was so happy knowing my old friend had found the person she was choosing to be with the rest of her life. I had not met Ryan yet, but I knew I was going to like him.

After talking for a long time about engagement pictures we finally decided on a date: March 4th. Destination: Truckee Ca. Because both Rachael and Ryan work at Boreal and spend so much of their time there, we thought it would be a perfect place to start our snowy engagement photo session.

We loaded up my Subaru with the camera and snow gear. I was so excited to finally get the chance to photograph a couple in the snow. I had so many different ideas running around in my mind. Luckily, Rachael and Ryan were so much fun! It wasn't snowing, but there was plenty of fresh powder from the heavy amount of snow that fell the day before. For a few shots, we threw snow up in the air to create the look of falling snow. A few times, the couple even hiked halfway up the bunny hill, strapped on their skis and snowboard and rode through the powder snow to get a few action shots. After that, we had to have a snowball fight!










After exhausting all of the easy to get to spots at Boreal Resort, we decided to make our way into town. Being that Rachael and I are both from Truckee we both have a special attachment to a certain bridge - Rainbow Bridge on Old Hwy 40 that overlooks Donner Lake. Personally, every time I see that bridge and the amazing view of the lake below, a vast collection of memories flood my mind. Taking photos on the bridge, which is not equipped with a human-sized walkway, is a bit like playing live-action Frogger - dangerous, but so much fun!





After the bridge, we headed down the highway to Loch Leven Lodge where Rachael's Mom had dock access for us on Donner Lake. We photographed here for only a little bit because the day was getting long and our tummy's were starting to grumble.



Rachael and Ryan treated us to Burgers at a new (to me) joint called Burger Me. They have an eclectic menu with somewhat decent prices. They made their own veggie burger patties in-house and their sweet potato fries are addictive. Thank you two so much for such an amazing engagement session. I am looking forward to photographing your wedding in October. Also, thanks to my wonderful second shooter Don Campbell and my assistant, Sean, for carrying everything and throwing beautiful light.

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