November 13, 2011

Chico, CA. Wedding Photography- Charise and Cody's Engagement Session

I have been so spoiled this year with amazing clients. Charise and Cody were referred to me from one of my favorite photographers, Vinnie. Happens to be, Vinnie will be a member of the wedding. I knew before I met the couple I was going to like them, and it was true, the day of our initial meeting, me and Charise just talked and talked. An hour into our meeting we decided we better finish up the rest of the paperwork when we do our engagement session because we could keep talking wedding details and engagement session ideas for hours.

As the engagement session neared it was time to decide on a location, lucky for me, Chico does not have a shortage of awesome locations for outdoor portrait photography. We decided we would start our session at the Genetic Resource and Conservation Center. Located right in Chico, the facility provides a wide array of foliage, including a bamboo groove. We played around at this location for awhile but I was really excited for the second half of our engagement session.

Cody is the proud owner of a Ford 28 Model A Roadster Pickup. When we met for the first time it was decided no matter what we did for the engagement session, in someway it would have the truck included. We decided that Orange St. would be perfect location for the second half of our session, a popular location for wedding and portrait photography. We spent the rest of the evening shooting around this location, with the truck and with out. As the sun started to come down it was time to wrap up the session, the trucks headlights are out of commission and Cody had to get it home.

Thank you Charise and Cody for the amazing engagement session, I can not wait to photograph your special day.
















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