March 29, 2010

Butte College Photography: All American, Norman Rockwell: Model - Lauren

The first shoot of the Studio Photography class assignment, "All American, Norman Rockwell," was mine.

The original plan was this: put a male and a female model, acting as though they were on their first date to the carnival, on the Butte College football field with about 40 balloons and a wide open, beautiful blue sky. Unfortunately, as should be expected, there were a few issues. First, the male model was a no-show. Second, rain began to fall.

So...? Plan B: shoot in the Butte College art department's brand new Black Box Theater. The new concept? Shoot the female model, Lauren, as a southern belle at the carnival jumping with complete excitement and happiness. Thankfully, Lauren was able to really get into character and turned a failed shoot into a fun and educational day of photography.

Here are some more images from the shoot:





As the shoot neared the end we realized we had 20 balloons that needed to be taken care of. Lauren wanted to take one home, and a few others were inhaled, always a good laugh. I had decided that I wanted to pop the balloons and maybe catch something exciting. Here is a fun video of this event.

and an image:


Thank you everyone for helping me with this shoot!!!

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