March 4, 2010

Chico Portrait Photography- Oldies BUT Goodies

I have recently decided to go through all of my old dvds and back them up digitally on my hard drive. Most dvds only have a 5 year life span so it is important to make sure you have them backed up in two places. The images I have been backing up are some of the very first images I ever took as a student. I must say, I am so incredibly shocked with the amount of knowledge I have learned in the past 3 years. Going through these old photos has taught me so much about posing, lighting, editing and composition that I would recommend as photographers we all do what I have done at some point in our careers, and again in several years. As we progress further as professionals we must not forget where we started out at. This is what makes us the photographers we are today. Pull out those old photos and as you go through them you will remember what not to do, as well as what worked really well. You may have forgotten some old techniques or poses or locations. So, with that in mind here are a few of my first photos that inspired me to become a professional photographer.






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